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  • 奧门葡京

    2014-2015 international medical equipment exhibition time li

    In 2014 September 01-03 Asia ( Thailand) international pharmaceutical grade medical treatment technology and Equipment Exhibition In 2014 September 09-11 tenth annual activities Singapore International Medical Equipment Exhibition and hospi....[MORE]

  • Shi between applications - the grand promotion listing

    Shi Kefu: self drying type scar care silicone gel, imported from Switzerland, the gold standard for the prevention and treatment of scar and global leaders, the first to enter the Henan market, bring beauty and happiness for more patients with scar. Appli....[MORE]


    About Shi Kefu

    A , Shi Kefu can be what kind of treatment of scar ? Answer: 1 , conventional suture after operation ( such as caesarean section , thyroid , heart, etc. ) 2 , trauma ( such as bump , cuts ) 3 , chronic wounds ( such as ulcer etc. ) 4 , burn....[MORE]