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2014-2015 international medical equipment exhibition time li

公布日期:2014-09-25 11:51

In 2014 September 01-03 Asia (Thailand) international pharmaceuticalgrade medical treatment technology and Equipment Exhibition

In 2014 September 09-11 tenth annual activities Singapore InternationalMedical Equipment Exhibition hospital

In 2014 September 24-27 day twenty-third session of German Dusseldorf international rehabilitation, care and disease prevention andcomprehensive exhibition REHACARE

In 2014 October 15-18 twenty-seventh annual Indonesia International Medical equipment, hospital products laboratory equipment and medicineExhibition

In 2014 October 21-24 thirty-third annual Swiss international medical and hospital equipment exhibition

In 2014 October 21-23 thirty-fifth America Atlanta International medicalhome nursing care rehabilitation MEDTRADE

In 2014 November 12-14 Japan international family nursing and rehabilitation supplies exhibition HOSPEXJAPAN

In 2014 November 12-15 on the forty-sixth session of Dusseldorf international hospital and medical equipment exhibition Medica

In 2014 November 30-12 month 5 days of annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America RSNA

In 2014 December 08-12 twenty-fourth annual Russian International Medical, diagnostic ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE Exhibition

In 2015 January 26-29, the fortieth Arabia international medical equipmentexhibition in Arab Health

In 2015 February 04-06, eighteenth Middle East (Dubai) International Anti Dental Exhibition AEEDC

In 2015 March 04-06 eighteenth Southeast Asia (Malaysia) InternationalMedical and pharmaceutical and Health Exhibition

In 2015 March 05-08 thirty-first Korea_葡京网址pj9539com international medical equipment andhome nursing care KIME

In 2015 March 10-12 day thirty-sixth USA Las Vegas International medicalhome nursing care rehabilitation exhibition in MEDTRADE Spring

In 2015 March 10-14 thirty-sixth annual IDS International Dental Exhibition

In 2015 March 13-16 thirty-first Korea international medical equipment andhome nursing care Exhibition

In 2015 March 21-23, the twenty-first session of India international medicalexhibition in MEDICAL FAIR INDIA in New Delhi

In 2015 April 03-06 eighth Singapore International Dental Exhibition (IDEMSINGAPOR)

In 2015 April 03-06, the twenty-second Istanbul International MedicalEquipment Fair EXPOMED

In 2015 April 25-27 day in Houston exhibition American medical

In 2015 April 29-5 month 1 days of the forty-first session of the British international health care rehabilitation Exhibition

In 2015 May 19-22 twenty-second annual medical exhibition in BrazilHospitalar

In 2015 May 21-24 day twentieth_澳门葡京 session of Italy international medical and rehabilitation supplies exhibition

In 2015 May 05-07 South Africa International Medical Equipment Exhibition AfricaHealth

In 2015 May 21-24 on the nineteenth session of Italy international medical and rehabilitation care EXPOSANITA

In 2015 June 11-13 fourteenth French international_澳门浦京登陆 professionalrehabilitation care and disabled equipment

In 2015 August 05-07 twenty-fifth American Miami International Medical Equipment Exhibition

In 2015 August 01-03 on the eleventh session of India InternationalHospital, medical equipment and laboratory equipment exhibition in MedicallIndia

In 2015 August 21-23 fifteenth Vietnam Hu Zhiming international pharmaceutical, medical equipment exhibition MEDI-PHARM

In 2015 September 10-12, the seventh Thailand international medical equipment and Hospital Supplies Exhibition

In 2015 September 11-14 103rd annual World Dental Federation annual meeting FDI