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China Medical Devices Co.,Ltd  is a professional company dedicated to the agent and popularization of the imported and panted medical equipments and medical disposables .To respond positively to the State Council "12th Five Year" national strategic emerging industry development planning and related policies and the SASAC’s requirements for the emerging industry ,China Medical Devices (Henan)Co.,LTD  is founded,focusing on the agent ,promotion ,delivery and customer service of the imported medical devices and disposables .China  Medical Devices Co.,Ltd has built strategic cooperation with more than 4 countries and a number of  world-famous enterprises and has kept acting  as the exclusive  agent in China .The cooperative partners include: Stratpharma AG in Switzerland , MAQUET in Sweden, YOUNG in South Korea ,Smiths in England ,etc.The consistently  emerging of  the various products and the promotion capability leading by  academic differentiated driven marketing ,which provide a strong driving force for the company’s sustainable development .

China Medical Devices   has strong academic and promotion  capability, establishing a strategic  cooperation with more than 1053 domestic comprehensive and special hospitals and  keeping close relationship with over  563 private hospitals .with a sound system and a wealth of academic marketing strategic plan, which offers great assistance  for the  market development .Over the years the company hosted and sponsored hundreds of domestic and international professional conferences and forums  in various fields, truly becoming  a reliable assistant of  medical institutions and clinicians, and acting as the best partner of  foreign medical manufacturers to develop the Chinese market.

CMD Goal:To be the most professional conversing platform for the international medical industries,and the largest domestic distribution platform .

Terminal Network :We have a large terminal net of 453 comprehensive hospitals and 163 private hospitals ,which can help develop the hospitals and terminal institution in the shortest time .

Service Team: Diamond team consists of graduate, undergraduate composition, experience, providing specialized marketing, rapid implementation and the amount of terminal development. Abundant capital, end cooperation model for multi-channel marketing escort.
CMD quality: High  product quality, professional team, triple-tested to ensure that the excellent product quality, let us feel at ease, so that patients at ease.  CMD standards,high quality assurance.