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Imports of disposable infusion pump


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扼要阐明:Disposable infusion pump Also called the analgesia pump , pump for chemotherapy , oncology , Department of Anesthesiology , operation room . Brief description: no need to exhaust , refused to pipe blockage , leakage, drug residue


Disposable infusion pump

Also called the analgesia pump, pump for chemotherapy, oncology,Department of Anesthesiology, operation room.

Brief description: no need to exhaust, refused to pipe blockage, leakage,drug residue less.

Details: Product Type: continuous type, automatic type.


Infusion pump is mainly composed of a one-way valve dosing device,superfine silica reservoir, a liquid medicine filter, current limiting device,automatic liquid feeding device (automatic control), pipeline and the_澳门葡京76055com tail capetc.. Give fluid parameters: rated flow for 2ml/h, 3ml/h, 4ml/h, 5ml/h,automatic control to the liquid dose nominal value 0.5ml/ times,_澳门萄京59533com automaticliquid feeding interval Nominal capacity of 100ml,_澳门新莆京 150ml, 200ml,275ml.

[] consumables category three categories

[function] this product is suitable for the surgical operation patientpostoperative analgesia, with advanced malignant tumor pain and painless childbirth, disposable.