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What is scar?

公布日期:2014-09-18 17:34

The formation of scar how?

Scar is almost caused by some kind of trauma, is the inevitable outcome ofwound healing process, such as: operation, accident or disease.

Any damage to the outer layer of skin (epidermis / dermis) need to rebuild skin healing through. This organization is mainly composed of newly synthesized collagen fiber (a protein naturally produced by the body)composition, compared to uninjured skin, these fibers tend to be moretightly packed and. In addition,_887700葡京 the scar tissue less resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and permanent lack of sweat glands and hair follicles. Than the surrounding undamaged skin moisture, scarred skin about 70% fewer. The greater surface area and deeper skin damage, and a longer, more complexreconstruction process will give the patient will leave more obvious scar.

Skin healing process may be the characteristics or individual factors,external or environmental factors, including the patient's age, skin type,chronic diseases such as diabetes, vascular conditions_澳门葡京627365com, the wound site,hydration status, secondary infection and seasonal variation will influence the.

Normal and abnormal scar scar

A normal scars (such as on the surface of the skin fine lines) usually occurs in wound healing after the first 48 hours, 3 months (or more) may fade.Various factors may interfere with the process of wound healing, and change it in some way. For example: there is a balance between synthesis and degradation stages more collagen. The result is, in all directionsmountain scar, is convex, still hyperemia. This abnormal scar calledhypertrophic scar or keloid.

Hypertrophic scars usually occur within 4 weeks after trauma, and keloidgenerally appear in the 3 months after trauma, and can appear delayed until after a few years. scarring may have the following characteristics


Maintain the red / black, and highlight not fade

Cause discomfort, itching or pain

The joint motion is restricted

Because the appearance of_葡京手机app indecent, causing distress