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Application of dry type between applications - from scar car

公布日期:2014-09-18 17:48

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Application of instructions between applications

Shi between applications gel is transparent silicone rubber drying, non sticky, used in the treatment of both new and old scars.

Shi between applications suitable for the treatment of all parts of the bodyskin, including exposed skin such as the cheeks and neck, and joint and hairy parts, and does not need to shave the hair. According to the instructions for use, application will be airing between applications and form a layer of silicon protective film, lock the moisture protection to normalscar, scar and synthesis of collagen, thus generating the normal maturescar. Shi Kefu used to soften and smooth scars, reducing the scar itchingand discomfort, and alleviate the scar redness and spot.

Shi Kefu for the treatment of all types of scars and production, including the following causes scar:

Conventional surgical trauma


Chronic wounds



Acne and other skin diseases

Function: Shi between applications for the prevention and improvement ofthe scar tissue hyperplasia. Must be in the wound or the wound healing can be used after. Shi between applications can also be combined with otherinvasive trauma treatment methods, to improve the overall efficacy,including surgical resection and drug injection and pressure suture,intralesional clothing. Shi between applications suitable for children orsensitive skin people use.

Instructions for use: to ensure that the scar is clean and dry. The use ofcombined application of laminating very thin, apply to the scar, to dry it.Once a day or two times a day in the affected area between applicationsusing application, or as a will. Keep applying between applications continuespreads in the skin (24 hours), the best effect. If used correctly, Shibetween applications will dry in 3-4 minutes. If you need a longer period of time, may be excessive. The tulle gently remove the silicon gel more, make it continue to dry. Dry, use sunscreen products_葡京娱乐场app, cosmetics, pressure in thelaminating service or pressure can cover._澳门葡京娱pj6966

Recommend the use of time: the shortest recommended applicationbetween applications use time is 60-90 days (24 h / day). Large area and old scars may require a longer period of time. Recommends continued, untilunable to further improve curative effect so far.


10g: the treatment of 5-7cm's scars, 2 times / day, can use at least 90 days

20G: the treatment of 10-12cm's scars, 2 times / day, can use at least 90 days

50g: treatment of 6 x 12cm size of the scar, 2 times / day, can use at least 90 days

Be careful.

Application shall not be used for three degree burns between applicationsor open wound.

Shi between applications not based mucosal tissues, or eyes

Without the doctor's advice, Shi between applications shall not be deposited in the other drugs for treatment of skin.

Application of dry completely_葡京娱乐wwwpj5002com before between applications, may becontaminated clothing.

For external use only. If irritation occurs, should stop use and consult a doctor. This product should be placed where children can not touch the henan.

Period of validity: five years,

Storage: should be stored in a 25 DEG C, good ventilation indoors.

Production companies: Stratpharma AG

Origin: Basel Switzerland

Product registration certificate number: SFDA (1) and 20112643780 (more)