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Shi between applications - the grand promotion listing

公布日期:2014-09-18 17:27

Shi Kefu: self drying type scar care silicone gel, imported from Switzerland,the gold standard for the prevention and treatment of scar and globalleaders, the first to enter the Henan market, bring beauty and happiness formore patients with scar.

Application of complex between applications can soften the peace of scar tissue, relieve itching and discomfort symptoms, and reduce the red colorand discoloration of the scar.

Applicable to the crowd: extensive obstetric (caesarean section), thyroid and breast surgery, plastic surgery, burn surgery, Department of orthopedics, hand surgery, ENT, beauty department; medical institutions:Comprehensive Hospital, who, plastic surgery hospital, beauty hospital,grass-roots community (maternal screening), beauty salon

Shi between applications is readily applicable to all parts of the skin,including_葡京娱乐场 the face and neck and other exposed parts and joints. Used in thehairy parts_葡萄京娱乐城, does not need to shave off all his hair.

Shi between applications can be used for all types of scars: scar includinggeneral surgery, trauma, chronic wounds, burns, bites, acne and other skin diseases caused by scar.

Shi_8455葡京 between applications is for people with sensitive skin, and children's ideal choice.