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Three recent trends in health reform

公布日期:2014-09-25 11:43

At the end of 8 the State Council work meeting of health reform, and stressed the need for the government and the market "two hands". In thebefore and after the meeting, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi and otherdense released a new medical reform program. The new policy of medical reform on around after carding found, the recent reform mainly around to take the medicine, diagnosis and classification of public hospitaladministrative to three issues.

Not to take the medicine: government subsidies three production "feedback"

According to our statistics, most provinces in this reform new deal swordhigh expenses for medicine, determined to break "to raise the medical medicine". Until recently, a total of Zhejiang, Tianjin, Heilongjiang,Shandong, Hebei and at least 12 province (area, city) pilot hospital medicine zero slip sales, that is no longer rely on drug price to generate a profit.

However, after the hospital "medicine", what to eat? In order to ensure thereform really make patients benefit, Shandong, Beijing etc. through government subsidies in the form of the rising cost of medical service,medical insurance. Some hospital began to eat the rice market. For example, Henan Province, the establishment of the Zhengzhou people's Hospital Group, rely on security, catering, property and three industry"Nurturing" hospital.

The National Development Research Institute of Peking University professorLi Ling to our newspaper said, get rid of to take the medicine also need tocooperate with the personnel system, distribution system etc..

The implementation of grading treatment: leapfrog visit reimbursement is limited

"Sick to the hospital to see first, don't run the county hospital, oneself can not spend money." In the east of Guide County of Qinghai provincetownship health hospital, in the infusion of Yan Weibang out importantdiagnosis classification direction - health care reform through simple words.

Yan Weibang is located in Qinghai Province, since last October to implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, by August of this year has achieved initial success, the three levels of medical institutions and medical insurance fund expenditure proportion of inpatients decreased by 3.5% and2.6% respectively, while the basic medical and health institutions increased by 10% and 6.5% respectively.

The so-called hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, is simply a minor illnessto the grassroots medical institutions, serious illness_67777.com线路检测 can be referred to three hospital in stable condition, then back to the base. Recently, several provinces began a large-scale implementation of the diagnosis and classification.

The key lies in the classification of diagnosis and treatment of medical insurance reimbursement ratio: the proportion of reimbursement of medical institutions in low level higher than the high level medical institutions, avoidbig hospital patients get together. Such as Heilongjiang Province, from September 1st onwards, 30 kinds of common diseases in the township(town) level fixed-point medical treatment in hospital, the proportion of reimbursement for 95%; 50 kinds of common diseases in the county (city,district) level fixed-point medical treatment in hospital, the proportion of claims for reimbursement of medical institutions in 75%, other 10%.Provisions of Gansu province is more strict, from August onwards, Gansuprovince to determine the 50 hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of disease, unauthorized leapfrog referral will not be reimbursed.

The dean to the administrative: cancel the part-time

Like a raging fire of reform of hospital external, internal reform also start knife, the main direction is to promote public hospital to the administrative.

At present, there are three main provinces measures:

One is the government leadership does not serve concurrently as the leadership of the hospital. For example, Shandong requires health level of health administrative department shall not concurrently hold positions of leadership at the county level public hospital; have part-time, to health administrative department office before 31 December to resign from publichospitals or health.

Two is the establishment of the hospital board. For example_7966葡京, in June the Shaanxi Province issued advice to deepen the implementation of the countypublic hospital comprehensive reform, the establishment of the Council of county level public hospital, director candidate nomination by theorganization, the Council elected.

Three is the reform of the hospital leadership selection mode. For example,Shandong Province in August, the new regulations required to take open selection, social recruitment selection_葡萄京娱乐城 Dean, Dean employment system.

For the future direction of the medical reform, Liu Yuanli, Dean of the school of public health in Beijing Union Medical College, said in an interview with this newspaper, to find the cure of the crack of the world difficult problem China way, there are two key elements to be considered. First, the unified national objectives, principles of medical reform, and realize the goalof local measures should be combined. Second, the design and implementation of top evaluate every medical reform policy should be combined. The next stage should pay more attention to the goal and resultmanagement, the implementation of the leadership of the health reform objectives into performance evaluation.