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About Shi Kefu

公布日期:_手机新莆京2014-09-28 10:27

A, Shi Kefu can be what kind of treatment of scar?

Answer: 1, conventional suture after operation (such as caesarean section,thyroid, heart, etc.)

2, trauma (such as bump, cuts)

3, chronic wounds (such as ulcer etc.)

4, burn_澳门葡京, scald

5, bite

6, acne and other skin diseases (such as pox pits, keloid)

Two, Shi Kefu have side effect?

Answer: No. Shi between applications is a purely physical effect, the skindoes not absorb, will not affect the body tissue.

Three, a day several times between applications? How?

Answer: once a day, the exposed parts of two times, in order to achieve better results to ensure the implementation of continuous 24 hours skin contact between applications.

That very thin on the scar, 3-4 minutes to dry. Just for healing wounds needno exudate in the scar after beginning to use.