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In 2014 the health planning work points

公布日期:2014-09-18 17:32

General requirements for health 2014 IPPF job is: to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development for guidance, and implement the party's eighteen big,eighteen in the second, the third plenary session and the central economicwork conference spirit fully, deployed in accordance with the Party Central Committee, State Council decision-making, in order to deepen the medical and health system reform and perfection of fertility policy adjustment as the key point, promote public hospital comprehensive reform obtains new breakthrough, promote the quality of medical services being upgraded,promoting the "two alone child" policy steady solid and orderlyimplementation, strengthening public health work, pay more attention to the reform of the system, integrity and coordination, pay more attention torelease the reform dividend by the innovation of system and mechanism,pay more attention to the scientific and precise management ability construction, further improve the level of people's health, and promote the development of the long-term equilibrium population, and strive to build the people's satisfaction with the health and family planning cause.

A, thoroughly implement the eighteen party 3 in plenary meeting spirit,deepening the medical and health system reform comprehensively

(a) to actively and steadily push forward the reform of public hospitals. The preparation of "planning outline of national health service system (2015-2020)", the control of public hospital beds scale and construction standards. The formulation of promoting the county public hospital comprehensive reform ideas and relevant supporting documents. The reform of county public hospital drug procurement bidding way, to implement the province (area, city) for the unit, take a combination ofquantity and price of mining, hook, double envelope system approach.Encourage local according to the actual_线上葡京娱乐场 participation in different ways to explore, to further enhance the medical institutions in drug bidding and purchasing of. Study and formulate the city public hospital reform pilot implementation of the program, expand and deepen reform of public hospitals to ensure the city, each province has 1 reform pilot city. Break "in medicine for medical" mechanism, and gradually establish a scientificcompensation mechanism, medical performance evaluation mechanism,accord with the characteristics of the medical industry personnel salary system, and a modern hospital management system. To strengthen theupper and lower linkage, improve urban and rural hospitals targeted aidpolicy. Establish and improve the diagnosis classification model, and actively promote the general practitioners and residents service contract,part of the city of choice at the basic level in the first diagnosis of pilot.Research on the implementation of county level public hospital set upspecialist posts. Promoting the medical service price reform, improve the technical services prices, strictly control excessive growth of medical cost is not reasonable.

(two) to improve the new rural cooperative medical system guarantee ability.The NRCMS participation rate continued to remain at more than 95%. The NCMS financing mechanism, improve the funding criteria. Policy range hospitalization and outpatient expense ratio were kept at 75%, 45%.Comprehensively promote the children with leukemia and other 20 kinds ofmajor disease security work, the children with phenylketonuria, hypospadiasinto "the scope of protection. Improve the province of remote medical treatment of immediate settlement, cross province medical expenses andreimbursement pilot verification. Promote the principal commercial insurance agency orgnaization of NRCMS management service. Advancepayment reform, expand the coverage of. Accelerate the improvement ofoverall level of nrcms. Continue to strengthen the new rural cooperative medical fund supervision, strict precautions against and seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities such as costs. To accelerate theuse of the NCMS fund the purchase of urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance pilot work. The basic establishment of disease emergencyrescue system, make connections and basic medical insurance, urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance and medical assistance system.

(three)_葡京娱乐 the consolidation of the new mechanism of perfect essential drugs system and the basic operation. Implementation of the general office of the State Council "on consolidate and improve the new mechanism of essential drugs system and the basic operation of opinions", to promote the orderlynon government run primary health care institutions and village health roomimplementation of essential drug system. To regulate prescription behavior,to guide the rational use of drugs.

Carrying out clinical required less dosage, but the market supply shortagedrug sentinel pilot production, establish and perfect the shortage of low-cost, drug supply security mechanism. Do a good job monitoring drugprocurement, distribution, use and other aspects and clinical evaluation of work. The establishment of drug policy coordination mechanism, issued anational drug policy related documents.

The implementation of basic medical and health institutions stable multi-channel compensation policy effect, improve the performance appraisal andpersonnel distribution system, improve the incentive pay for performanceratio, widen the income gap reasonably. Improve the basic medical and health service model, to carry out rural physician, will meet the conditions of_8535.comvillage health room into the fixed-point units. Specification of basic medical and health institutions management, promote the integrated management of rural health services. The full implementation of the compensation policy ofrural doctors more channels, improve rural doctors endowment policy.

(four) promoting basic public health planning service gradually equalization.Solidly carry out the national basic public health service project, optimizing the content of the project, improve the service mode, improve the_葡京网上娱乐 division of labor and cooperation mechanism of professional public health institutionsand grassroots medical and health institutions. To strengthen project management, to the county (city, district) as the focus, strengthen the project performance appraisal, project "basic public health services purchased service" management mode pilot. Implement the national majorpublic health service projects, to carry out a major public health projects in the central subsidies to local supervision. Focus on the floating population,basic public health services of rural left behind children and the elderly, the pilot work plan of equalization of basic public services in the 40 citynationwide floating population health.

(five) to speed up the development of social do medical. The implementation of "a number of opinions" on accelerating the development of social do medical, social capital to run medical into regional health planning and medical institutions to consider as a whole, give priority to supporting the establishment of non-profit medical institutions. Develop thesocial do medical policy support